signs your boss is taking advantage of you
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6 Signs Your Boss Is Taking Advantage of You

It is easy to feel like you have to do everything your boss tells you to. When your boss asks you to do an assignment or to cover a coworker while they are out, it’s usually a rhetorical question. There is no need to respond, you are stuck doing it anyway. It is when you start to feel your job description expanding every day that is a problem.  Check for these 6 signs your boss is taking advantage of you.


1.  Your boss is interrupting your lunch.

This is one of the biggest signs your boss is taking advantage of you. All those hours you put in working and you can’t even get your required lunch break. This is definitely a sign your boss is taking advantage. It should be brought to his/her attention and should be easily understandable. Not only are you entitled to a break, but some studies have shown that it improves productivity.

Bring this issue to your boss immediately. If the conversation doesn’t go over well, you might want to escalate it to human resources.  Also, start taking your lunch outside of the office!


2.  He/she gives you their work. 

This may not be so easy to see at first but once you’ve identified that their workload is becoming yours, you can approach this topic by simply meeting with your boss and discussing the tasks you already have on your plate. Let your boss know just how many assignments are piling up. It is getting increasingly difficult to handle the other tasks being assigned to you.


3.  You’re constantly getting assignments with a deadline of yesterday.

You are amazing at your job and your boss knows it. Because you are the best and can always meet a deadline, your boss thinks you will do it every time. That’s why you get the tough deadlines. Let him or her know that you have multiple assignments with the same deadline and you are struggling.


4. They ask you to handle personal stuff.

For example, scheduling doctor’s appointments, nail appointments or running household errands. Unless your job title is personal assistant, you shouldn’t be doing it. Don’t be afraid to tell your boss you are not comfortable with handling personal affairs.


5.  You’re getting Emails, phone calls, and texts after hours.

If “being available every minute of every hour” wasn’t listed in the job description, do not answer calls, texts, emails, or any other form of communication from your boss after you’ve already left for the day. There are very few things that require immediate attention after 5 pm.


6.  Everyone around you sees it.

I’m talking friends, family, or your significant other! The people close to you will probably see the signs your boss is taking advantage before you do. They hear you vent about some of the things your boss has asked you to do. If your new job duties sound ridiculous to them, you might want to give it a second thought.

If your time off is not being respected, you’re stuck doing their work, or you’re handling personal tasks, you might want to pull your boss aside and let him/her know that you are not comfortable handling these tasks.


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