4 Ways to Get the Promotion You Always Wanted
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4 Ways to Get the Promotion You Always Wanted

It is easy to get caught up in office politics. It can suck you in and cause you to lose sight of your end game; getting a promotion. You probably want to one day be in a position with more responsibility and more money. Maybe a managerial position. Well, you will get the position you desire. That shiny new corner office is in reach. Here are 4 ways to get the promotion you always wanted.


Focus on your accomplishments

You will make a better candidate when the opportunity for a promotion arises when you have accomplishments under your belt. Think about what is lacking in your department. If you can remember back to the interview when your boss told you why your position was needed and might have even explained what they were struggling with, then this should be your main fix. Work to solve that problem and you will have major accomplishments under your belt.


Solve problems in your department

While it is great to help other departments, and while you might be asked to help others, you were initially hired to work in one. In order to get the promotion you always wanted, solving problems within your department is a must. Come up with new ways to do something, implement changes or streamline a new process.


Don’t make enemies

Forget about the fact that one of your coworkers comes late every day or another coworker sneaks out five minutes before 5 pm.

The fact that someone took two pizzas at the company lunch instead of one like everybody else shouldn’t bother you.  You only need to be focused on you and what you are doing right. Someone that is constantly picking at what others do at work is looking for enemies, and that’s the one thing you don’t want when you are looking for a promotion.

After all, you never know who you might need.


Stay away from drama

So you mind your own business and you don’t make enemies but there are people around you who like to stir the pot. Distance yourself from those people. You know that your end game is to excel in your career and if you are associated with those few people causing drama, it might be next to impossible. Don’t let others determine your future at this job because your reputation is all you have.


Finally, you’ll be recognized by management

When you focus on your departmental goal and completing your workload and accomplishments, it will pay off. Your boss will recognize you are focused and doing an outstanding job. This is the perfect time to look for opportunities within the company and get the promotion you always wanted.



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